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Specialization in Sexual and Couple Therapy

Online modality


The objective is to train specialists in the care of the different types of problems and dysfunctions linked to sexual relationships and couples, covering the gap in current university education. Sexual disorders and couple problems are currently one of the fields of intervention that present the greatest demand, since more and better information is available, and people want to be actively involved in improving their interpersonal relationships. and your sex life.

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

    • Medical aspects of sexuality
    • Sex therapy
    • Couple therapy
    • Paraphilias
    • sexual anthropology
    • Sex education
    • Clinical cases: couples therapy
    • Clinical cases: Sex therapy
    • Project and Thesis seminar

What You Will Learn

  • You will establish a psychological evaluation process. 
  • You will carry out a diagnosis and prognosis report.
  • You will create a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral intervention program. 
  • You will monitor the effectiveness of the psychopathological intervention.
  • You will characterize the pathophysiological mechanisms of a patient’s sexual problem.
  • You will work in multidisciplinary teams, as a sex therapist.

Online modality

The Specialization in Sexual and Couple Therapy is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the specialization at your own pace, with totally flexible schedules and schedules and the constant support of our experts.


Who Should Attend?


Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors or students of the last course of Bachelor’s degree. 

He works in private practice, as an expert in a psychology practice and family planning centers.


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