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Master's in Big Data and Business Intelligence

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced analytics and strategic decision-making with our Master’s in Big Data and Business Intelligence. This comprehensive program is designed to train professionals who master the tools and techniques necessary to manage and analyze large volumes of data, extracting valuable insights to drive business success.

Why study a Master's in Big Data and Business Intelligence at Laramie University?

Master's in

Big Data and Business Intelligence Curriculum

• Big Data Fundamentals

• Business Intelligence Fundamentals

• Strategic Management

• Data Management System and Infrastructure

• Business Intelligence for Decision Making

• Strategic Marketing

• Development and Presentation of Reports (Power BI)

• Statistics in Analytics

• Regression Modeling

• Predictive Business Analysis

• Case Analysis

• Develop Your Professional Project and Personal Brand

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!

Admission Profile for the Master's in Big Data and Business Intelligence

The applicant seeking admission should have completed their high school studies and possess the following qualities:

Young programmers and IT software developers team working in modern office.

• Mastery of tools such as Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Hadoop, and Spark.

• In-depth knowledge of databases and systems for processing large volumes of data.

• Application of algorithms and machine learning techniques for business analysis.

• Analytical Thinking.

• Ability to perform exploratory analysis and apply advanced statistical techniques.

• Interpretation of results to identify meaningful patterns and trends.

• Development of predictive and prescriptive models to support strategic decisions.

• Business Knowledge.

• Profound understanding of business processes and operations.

• Alignment of analytical strategies with business objectives.

• Effective communication of findings to non-technical audiences. 

• Multidisciplinary collaboration to integrate data analysis into business decision-making.

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!