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Bachelor's Degree in Digital Marketing

The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing provides students with strategies that enable them to understand the acquisition processes, allowing them to discern and establish guidelines for the effective functioning of an organization.

Students will be able to develop profitable and highly effective marketing strategies, work with digital tools to identify business opportunities and product development, design or execute digital advertising campaigns, boost or develop a brand, efficiently manage social media, project administration, apply strategic thinking for impactful marketing projects in the digital environment, work interdisciplinary, and implement communication in the English language.

Why study a Bachelor's Degree in Markrting at Laramie University?

Bachelor's Degree

in Marketing Curriculum

• Digital Skills Visual

• Communication Creativity

• Workshop Marketing

• Fundamentals

• Oral and Written

• Communication Image

• Editing Color Psychology

• Statistics I

• Sustainability Culture

• Introduction to Web Design

• Administration Statistics II

• Emotional Education and Social Skills

• Web Administration

• Business-oriented Mathematics

• Market Research

• Research Methodology

• Digital Advertising Design

• Consumer Behavior

• Marketing Topics and Trends

• Financial Education

• Digital Audio and Video

• Advertising and Communication

• Service Marketing

• Leadership and Team Management

• Cloud Design

• Advertising Campaigns

• Strategic Marketing

• Innovation and Entrepreneurship

• Social Media

• Corporate Image

• Digital Marketing

• Professional Ethics

• Digital Media Writing

• E-commerce

• Sales Management

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!

Admission Profile for the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Marketing

The applicant seeking admission should have completed their high school studies and possess the following qualities:

Happy creative marketing team working on new business project in the office.

• General knowledge in social sciences.

• Proficiency in Spanish text writing.

• Basic research skills.

• Ability to express ideas orally and in writing.

• Comprehension of texts in Spanish.

• Comparative analysis of statistical data.

• Active listening

• Discipline

• Responsibility

• Commitment

• Resilience

• Emotional intelligence

• Self-study

• Teamwork

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!