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Bachelor's Degree in Software Development Engineering

We train professionals in Software Development Engineering to design, develop, and enhance strategic system projects. Our graduates apply processes, models, and quality standards, contributing to technological innovation and the economic and social development of the country. The non-traditional educational model and autonomy in learning prepare graduates to adapt to new programming languages in the future.

Why study a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development Engineering at Laramie University?

Bachelor's Degree

in Software Development Engineering Curriculum

• English I 

• Mathematics Fundamentals

• Computer Architecture

• Programming Fundamentals

• Operating Systems

• English II

• Statistics

• Professional Ethics

• Computational Algorithms

• Programming I

• English III

• Differential and Integral Calculus

• Discrete Mathematics

• Science and Society

• Programming II

• Vector Calculus

• Matrix Algebra

• Linux Servers

• Object-Oriented Programming I

• Semiotics

• Operations Research

• Consumer Behavior

• Quality in Software Design Processes

• Object-Oriented Programming II

• Networks

• Data Structures

• .NET Applications Development

• Databases

• Web Programming I

• Mobile Applications Design and Development

• Compilers

• Database Design with Open Source Software

• Web Programming II

• Leadership and Team Management

• Research Methodology

• Internet of Things

• Productive Project Management

• Thesis Seminar

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!

Admission Profile for the Bachelor's Degree in Software Development Engineering

The applicant seeking admission should have completed their high school studies and possess the following qualities:

Young programmers and IT software developers team working in modern office.

• Solid understanding of mathematics and computer science.

• Familiarity with fundamental programming concepts.

• Basic comprehension of computer architecture and operating systems.

• Ability to logically and creatively solve problems.

• Proficiency in software design and development.

• Competence in using computer tools and emerging technologies.

• Teamwork

• Effective communication

• Adaptability to new programming languages

• Analytical thinking

• Commitment to software quality

• Curiosity and a willingness to innovate.

Elevate Your Future at Laramie University!