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Specialization in Neuropsychology

Online modality


The Specialization in Neuropsychology allows broadening the perspectives of evaluation, diagnosis and therapeutic orientation within the different clinical pathologies that affect the Central Nervous System and alterations and/or deterioration of higher processes. This Specialty covers the gap between the knowledge derived from basic neurosciences, the psychology of cognitive functions (memory, thought and language…) and the evaluation and intervention techniques that clinicians use in their daily practice.

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

  • Functional neuroanatomy
  • Clinical neurology
  • Neuropsychological examination and neuroimaging
  • Basic neuropsychological semiology
  • Aging and primary dementias
  • Secondary dementias
  • Focal neuropsychological syndromes
  • Language disorders
  • Child neuropsychology
  • Thesis and Project Seminar

What You Will Learn

  • You will have a deep knowledge of neuropsychology in all its variants: clinical, medical, child and geriatric, its needs and demands.
  • You will know the anatomical and functional bases of the neuropsychological examination and the exploration tools to establish an evaluation and diagnosis in clinical neuropsychology.
  • You will know different focal neuropsychological clinical syndromes that imply the affectation in memory, executive functions, attention, perception, praxis and social cognition.
  • You will be trained for cooperative work with interdisciplinary groups, for decision making and you will know the ethical obligations of Neuropsychology.

Online modality

The Specialization in Neuropsychology is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the specialization at your own pace, with totally flexible schedules and schedules and the constant support of our experts.


Who Should Attend?


Graduates or graduates in Psychology, Medicine, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy and diplomas or graduates in Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy.

He works as a specialist in neuropsychology in psychiatry, neurology, education, internal medicine, in care centers or as a collaborator in forensic neuropsychology.

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