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Master in Project Management

Online modality


The Master in Project Management integrates the concepts, techniques and tools necessary for you to develop effectively within the professional field of projects. This master’s degree offers a professional orientation with which you will acquire the appropriate skills for the analysis and management of projects, from the smallest to the largest within a company. With the Master in Project Management you will be able to carry out projects considering all the aspects involved, such as technology, programs, marketing, as well as developing your own personal brand.

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

  1. Strategic Project Management
  2. Project integration
  3. Scope and time management
  4. Procurement and cost management
  5. Operations and Technology Management
  6. Team neuroleadership
  7. Quality and risk management
  8. Management of high performance teams
  9. Strategic marketing
  10. Effective execution of projects
  11. Develop your professional project and personal brand
  12. Programs and project portfolios
  13. Project consulting
  14. Project certifications
  15. University of Laramie Entrepreneurship Program: Develop your professional project and personal brand
  16. Project and Thesis seminar

What You Will Learn

  • Communicate effectively to the interested parties the information related to the project or program under your direction.
  • Develop a systemic vision and processes that link the objectives and efforts of a project with organizational strategies.
  • Negotiate the terms of development of the processes to be implemented in a project and reach agreements on them.
  • Motivate the members of the project team to carry out tasks with a high level of performance and a focus on Change management
  • Define the most appropriate strategy and process for the success of projects.

Online modality

The Master in Project Management is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the master’s degree at your own pace, with totally flexible calendars and schedules and the constant accompaniment of our experts.

Who Should Attend?


The Master Degree in Project Management is aimed at professionals from different areas who face the development of projects in the industry on a daily basis or who want to manage projects within an organization or company or implement them to achieve the goal of the company’s strategy.


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