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Master in Intervention in Learning Disabilities

Online modality


The Master’s Degree in Intervention in Learning Disabilities  provides you with complete and comprehensive training in all aspects that affect educational intervention. Its objective is focused on the acquisition of adequate technical and personal skills for the development of an effective and responsible professional activity. 

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

  1. Evaluation and psychopedagogical intervention
  2. ​​Attention to diversity
  3. Neuroeducation
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  5. New technologies applied to educational intervention
  6. Early care and psychopedagogical intervention
  7. High Capacities
  8. Intellectual disability
  9. Learning strategies
  10. Students with motor deficits
  11. Intervention in students with visual deficits
  12. Intervention in students with hearing deficits
  13. Intervention in difficulties in the acquisition of oral language
  14. Intervention in difficulties in the acquisition of reading and writing
  15. Psychopedagogical resources for interculturality
  16. Diagnosis and intervention in behavioral disorders
  17. Behavior modification techniques in the classroom
  18. Behavior modification techniques: advice to parents
  19. Mediation processes in conflict resolution
  20. Bullying and cyberbullying
  21. Positive Psychology
  22. Educational Coaching
  23. Attention deficit disorder with/without hyperactivity
  24. Values ​​and emotions: education strategies in the classroom
  25. University of Laramie Entrepreneurship Program: Develop your professional project and personal brand
  26. Project and Thesis Seminar

What You Will Learn

  • You will determine and analyze the causes that alter the learning processes in order to adjust the psycho-pedagogical attention to children with difficulties.
  • You will select and apply the main evaluation instruments and diagnostic tests for the detection of learning difficulties.
  • You will establish strategies for the prevention of learning difficulties and guide the teaching team of a center on their treatment.
  • You will recognize the behaviors and habits to be modified in the classroom and you will use the observation and recording instruments appropriately.
  • You will analyze the resources and intervention techniques in the classroom to serve students with physical and sensory deficits.
  • You will identify the student with difficulties in different learning areas (reading, writing and oral language) and you will design, develop and evaluate specific intervention programs.  You will use new technologies as tools for diagnosis, exploration and psychopedagogical intervention.
  • You will show skills for advising families and teachers on the techniques, resources and methodology to be applied. 
  • You will design psychopedagogical intervention programs in different educational contexts that favor the integration of students with special educational needs.

Online modality

The Master in Learning Disabilities is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the master’s degree at your own pace, with totally flexible calendars and schedules and the constant accompaniment of our experts.

Who Should Attend?


The Master Degree in Special Education, as well as the Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy and the Master’s Degree in Intervention in Learning Difficulties are aimed at professionals in the educational field (teachers, professors, speech therapists, psychologists, pedagogues and psychopedagogues) and professionals in social and health fields (social educators, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other specialists).

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