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Master in Art History

What can you do with a master’s in Art History?


Earning a master’s degree in art history can help you expand your knowledge and specialize your skill set to prepare you for a career in various areas, such as fine arts, education or history. After graduating from a master’s program, you can apply for jobs in museums, galleries, nonprofits or universities. Knowing the jobs you can get with a master’s degree in art history can help you determine whether you want to pursue this academic degree.

There are many roles you may be eligible to pursue after graduating from a master’s program in art history. Many candidates with this qualification seek careers in fields like education, museum and gallery management or historical research.

Here are 10 jobs to consider in your search after earning your master's degree in art history:


  • Teacher

  •  Auction specialist

  • Program coordinator

  • Gallery manager

  • Education coordinator

  • Lecturer

  • Curator

  • Collections manager

  • Historian

  • Art manager