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Bachelor in psychology

Online modality 


The Bachelor in Psychology is aimed to train and educate professionals who understand and analyze human behavior in its complexity and context. The future psychology professional will be a human development promoter by evaluating, diagnosing and intervening in mental health issues.

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

  • Psychological process 
  • Thought and language 
  • Biological bases of psychic activity 
  • Psychological theories 
  • Psychological intervention and therapy 
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychometry 

What You Will Learn

  • You will be trained to correctly select and apply the different psychological evaluation instruments and you will know how to analyze and interpret the results obtained. 
  • You will obtain significant and objective data from a patient by reviewing the psychotherapeutic documentation provided.
  • You will establish explanatory and diagnostic hypotheses in relation to specific psychotherapeutic cases.
  • You will design and apply a psychological therapy intervention program, you will monitor the effectiveness of said intervention
  • You will carry out a rigorous application of psychopathological concepts in the detection, diagnosis and intervention of patients.
  • You will be able to structure a psychotherapeutic interview. 
  • You will use advanced oral and written resources, especially aimed at communication and report writing.
  • You will develop the skills of a psychotherapist: empathy, active listening, positive acceptance, etc. 
  • You will transmit information about the evaluation and intervention to the patient and relatives in an empathic, precise and reasoned way.
  • You will master the techniques to involve the recipients of the intervention and you will face and overcome the difficulties that may arise during psychotherapy.

Online modality

The Bachelor in Psychology is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the master’s degree at your own pace, with totally flexible calendars and schedules and the constant accompaniment of our experts.

Who Should Attend?


The Bachelor in Psychology is recommended for high school graduates (or equivalent) with interest in human behavior and well being of other people.  

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