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Specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Online modality


The Specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorder prepares to detect early the signs that point to the development of an autistic disorder and provides the tools to reduce the anguish of those who suffer from it and their environment. This training presents various therapeutic approaches under the common sign of understanding and relational factors.

Curriculum (Key Aspects)

  • The child with autism. Concept of the autism spectrum, PDD and childhood psychosis
  • Basics of child development
  • Autistic and psychotic mental functioning
  •  Developmental pathology and mental health
  • Syndromes related to autism and psychosis
  • Early detection, diagnosis and care
  • The therapeutic institution and the family
  • Pedagogy of the child with autism and psychosis
  • Inclusion in the ordinary school
  • Language and communication in children with autism
  • The role of the psychotherapist and help to the family
  • Art therapies in psychotic and autistic disorders
  • Psychomotricity

What You Will Learn

  • Distinguish the mental functioning of the autistic child and children with related disorders.
  • Identify the basic aspects of prevention, detection, early diagnosis and early care.  Relate this type of disorders in the context of development, with alterations of genetic, neurological, social origin, etc.
  • Identify ways to help from a therapeutic and educational (bio-psycho-social) approach, both within the ordinary and special educational environment.

Online modality

The Specialization in Autistic Spectrum Disorder is carried out in the Online modality, adapted to the lifestyle of each professional.

You will follow the specialization at your own pace, with totally flexible schedules and schedules and the constant support of our experts.


Who Should Attend?


Graduates in Psychology, Pedagogy or Medicine, or diplomas in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Teaching or Speech Therapy.

It works in educational centers, associations, early care and psychoeducational intervention centers, health and stimulation centers.

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