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Master in Forensic Psychology

Master in Intervention in Learning Disabilities

What can you do with a master’s in Intervention in Learning Disabilities?


Earning a Master of Arts in Education will not only advance your career inside the classroom, but it will also open the doors to job options outside the classroom. An M.A. in Education will give you insight into the education system and its mechanisms, providing you with knowledge and tools to effect change at the administrative level, through curriculum development, through school counseling or even within a corporate environment. In addition, having a master’s degree in education typically comes with a pay increase, builds credibility among your peers, and makes you highly competitive when applying for jobs. 

The University of Laramie found that on top of the specialized skills you gain in your field of study, you can also expect to pick up postgraduate skills like:

  • Independently managing a (research) project

  • Exhibiting the capacity for critical thinking and analysis

  • Understanding how to design instruction for diverse learners

  • Using knowledge to solve problems creatively

  • Working collaboratively with people from different disciplines and cultures

  • Being able to apply critical research skills

  • The ability to assess student learning and progress

  • Dealing with complex, unpredictable issues and making informed decisions based on incomplete information

  • Strategies for behavior management

  • Taking responsibility for your own learning and development

  • Communicating ideas effectively in different ways and to people with different levels of knowledge

  • Classroom management techniques